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SoCal Event Rentals offers the finest event supplies you can find in California. We provide economical and innovative event rental services to our clients. Experienced in providing custom event solutions, our team is here to help you design, plan and host perfect events in California.

Ice Box Rentals
Ice Box Rentals

LOW RATES - starting at $99
Delivery Rates vary on time & miles

Food Concession Trailers
Food Concession Trailers

Quotes vary per application.
Rates start at $5,000 per event
Long term rates for commercial kitchen applications

Tents Umbrellas
Tents / Umbrellas

10x 10 $299
10x 20 $399
10 x 30 $499
Umbrells $49
** All commercial grade / Wind tolerant to some extent

Soda Machines
Soda Machines

Machine Rental $599
Soda Flavors $49 each
*Each Flavor selected will provide approx. 175 - 12 oz. drinks
Coke * Diet Coke * Sprite * MM Lemonade * Root Beer * Fantana Orange
CO2 - $49
Set-up / Delivery / pickup charges vary per location
*** Location must have a water spicket and electricity. ( Water BIB faucet like a garden hose attaches )

Soda Machines
ATM Rentals

Free ATM rentals for any event
Depending on event size can provide multiple ATMs
Delivery Charges may apply


Great for birthday party, company picnics, beach events
Single Bench $99
Double Bench $199
Triple Bench $299

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