Soda Fountain Rentals

Want to have a soda fountain for your next school carnival, club fundraiser, party or event?

Feature a Soda Fountain at your next party or event. You can rent a fountain of Coke or Pepsi sponsored drinks. Please note Soda Fountain machine rentals are for the machine only, and require the following additional items:

Soda product



Access to water & power

Soda Fountain Rentals

Coca-Cola & Pepsi products, flavors, and cups may be purchased from local wholesale grocers. Our Soda Fountain machines are delivered by lift gate, set-up for your event, and then picked up after the event.

Soda Fountain Rental Rates
Soda Machine rental $199 per day / $699 per week
Liftgate delivery $2/mile to event, $1/mile return
Food grade hose $2 per foot
Drain hose $1 per foot
Electric Line $1 per foot
Set-up $95 per hour
Ice Chest $50 per day
Pick-Up Machine $1/mile to p/u, $2/mile return

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